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First time visit to Japan: Route and Travel Guide

First visit to japan planing and deciding which are the best routes, must see places and where to stay is intimidating

We want to help you in few simple steps to relax and gain a regular visitor calm mind of visiting.


  • Don’t over-plan where you want to go!
  • Don’t plan every single hour where you will be.
  • Don’t force yourself when you are in japan to go somewhere, just explore!
  • Be polite, don’t be loud, respect other people and learn few Japanese words!

Transportation: Travel within Japan

  • Use the public transportation and get a suica/pasmo card in main cites.
  • Travel within japan with the Shinkansen trains between cities. Get Japan Rail Pass beforehand!

Hotel: Where to stay in Japan

  • Find Ryokan and smaller family run places to stay at
  • Last minute booking can be cheaper. Alternatively you can stay in love hotels ;)

Food & Drinks: Where to eat and drink

  • Try more than just Sushi! Japanese Cuisine has a lot more to offer: from street food to many Michelin star restaurants.
  • Go in bigger cities to a Food Hall bellow big shopping centres like the Isetan.
  • Try out some bakeries in japan and baked goods!