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Get apple second hand in Japan for cheaper and better used quality

Image contains Product Images from Amazon.com
Image contains Product Images from Amazon.com

Apple products are expensive but are very popular in Japan and the Japanese are very careful and take good care of their property including their iphone, macbooks, ipads and other products. There are currently many good deals online but the best ones you will get by exploring the bigger and shopping districts in cities. Tokyo is a fantastic place to get second hand apple products. Especially if you are looking for cheap prices, latest models and good scratch free quality. Here are some of our favorite places to get used apple products in Japan:

1 ) Akihabara: The Electric City

Akihabara is well known for animation, anime, figurines and geek culture but it is a fantastic place to get electronics. Lately even for second hand Apple products. More and more shops are selling used apple iPhones, iPads, Macbooks and even Apple Watches for very reasonable prices. Most shops (like IOSYS) will have the products sorted by visible amount of damage so you can pick your price to scratch ratio and get great deals.

2 ) Nakano: Broadway

Nakano is not only know for the place to visit to get watches from brands like Omega, Rolex, Grand Seiko, F.P. Journe and other but also for used electronics and second hand apple products. The Nakano Broadway has multiple stories with stores selling apple products! (but not as many as in Akihabara). But still worth visiting!

3 ) Ueno

You should visit Ueno not only for the Temples and the Ueno Park but also for Street Shopping. You can get unusual and second hand products at bargain prices here. If you want a used apple product that has been professionally checked and more products at different prices then go to Nakano or Akihabara.

If you couldn’t find a good deal in Akihabara, Nakano or Ueno then you can try to visit “Book Off” Stores they have sometimes Electronic Device Section or try online second hand shop: mercari.jp