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  • How expensive is sushi lunch in japan?

    Sushi lunch in Tokyo Japan
    Ready Lunchboxes and supermarekt lunch is inexpensive in japan if you are coming from eu, uk or the us. Most supermarkets and grocery stores like AEON, Seven or Seijo selling sell fresh sushi during the day and have special lunch time offers. If you would like to sit down you can check out some of the cheaper sushi places similar to running sushi. If you are looking for dinner or high-end sushi, then you will have to book a reservation ahead of time or you can check out the higher business office building that have premium restaurants at the top floors.
  • Get apple second hand in Japan for cheaper and better used quality

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    Apple products are expensive but are very popular in Japan and the Japanese are very careful and take good care of their property including their iphone, macbooks, ipads and other products. There are currently many good deals online but the best ones you will get by exploring the bigger and shopping districts in cities. Tokyo is a fantastic place to get second hand apple products. Especially if you are looking for cheap prices, latest models and good scratch free quality.
  • First time visit to Japan: Route and Travel Guide

    First visit to japan planing and deciding which are the best routes, must see places and where to stay is intimidating
  • Top 5 japanese vending machine drinks during summer

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    The vending machine amount in japan is not only very high but also the variety of cold and warm drinks is big. These are our top 5 Sommer drinks you can get from a vending machine.
  • 10 Best Japanese Beauty Products we order from Japan in 2018

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    While shopping in Tokyo you will disover many beauty product stores that offer high quality products ranging from Skin Care, Treatment Oils, Skin Conditioner, Shampoos to Mascara.